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OKW.OKWFrameObjectWindowNotFoundException Class Reference

The exception. More...

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Public Member Functions

 OKWFrameObjectWindowNotFoundException (string message)
 OKWFrameObjectWindowNotFoundException (string format, params object[] args)
 OKWFrameObjectWindowNotFoundException (string message, Exception innerException)
 OKWFrameObjectWindowNotFoundException (string format, Exception innerException, params object[] args)

Detailed Description

The exception.

OKWFrameObjectWindowNotFoundException is triggered, if a window-frame-object is not found with the given name.

Typical reasons for triggering are:

  1. wrongly written professional identifiers in the key word.
  2. the frame of an object was not defined or integrated with use.
Zoltán Hrabovszki
2014.04.27/ jnic_2014_11_27

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