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OKW.Frames.Taschenrechner Class Reference
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Public Attributes

SeTextField Anzeige
SePushButton N1
SePushButton N2
SePushButton N3
SePushButton N4
SePushButton N5
SePushButton N6
SePushButton N7
SePushButton N8
SePushButton N9
SePushButton N0
SePushButton Punkt
SePushButton Plus
SePushButton Minus
SePushButton Durch
SePushButton Mal
SePushButton Gleich
SePushButton Clear
SePushButton Sqrt
SePushButton Pow
SePushButton Ln
- Public Attributes inherited from OKW.GUI.Selenium.SeBrowserChild
OKWLocator locator
SeURL URL = new SeURL()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from OKW.GUI.Selenium.SeBrowserChild
 SeBrowserChild (string fpsLocator, params OKWLocator[] fpLocators)
virtual void SelectWindow ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OKW.GUI.AnyWinBase
 AnyWinBase (string fpsLocator, params OKWLocator[] fpLocators)
void LogFunctionStartDebug (string fpsMethodName, string P1_Name, string P1_Value)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OKW.GUI.AnyWinBase
void LogFunctionEndDebug ()
void LogFunctionEndDebug (string fpsReturn)
void LogFunctionEndDebug (bool fpbReturn)
void LogFunctionEndDebug (List< string > fpLsReturn)
void LogFunctionStartDebug (string fpsMethodName)
- Properties inherited from OKW.GUI.AnyWinBase
string Locator [get]
OKWLocator LOCATOR [get]

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