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OKW.Frames.__CurrentObjectAllMethodCallTypes Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __CurrentObjectAllMethodCallTypes (string fps_Locator)
virtual bool CallMethodReturn_rB_pMN ()
virtual bool CallMethodReturn_rB_pMN_pB (bool pB)
virtual int CallMethodReturn_rI_pMN ()
virtual List< string > CallMethodReturn_rLS_pMN ()
virtual List< string > CallMethodReturn_rLS_pMN_pLS (List< string > pLS)
virtual List< string > CallMethodReturn_rLS_pMN_pS_pS (string Param1, string Param2)
virtual List< string > CallMethodReturn_rLS_pMN_pS_pS_pLS (string Parameter1, string Parameter2, List< string > pLS)
virtual string CallMethodReturn_rS_pMN ()
virtual string CallMethodReturn_rS_pMN_pS (string pS)
virtual void CallMethod_pMN ()
virtual void CallMethod_pMN_pLS (List< string > pLS)
virtual void CallMethod_pMN_pLS_pS (List< string > pLS, string sOption)
virtual void CallMethod_pMN_pS (string psParameter_1)
virtual void CallMethod_pMN_pS_pS (string psParameter_1, string psParameter_2)
virtual void CallMethod_pMN_pS_pS_pS (string psParameter_1, string psParameter_2, string psParameter_3)
virtual void CallMethod_pMN_pS_pS_pLS (string psParameter_1, string psParameter_2, List< string > fpLSValue)

Private Attributes

string Locator = "Locator not set"

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