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OKW.DE Class Reference
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Static Public Member Functions

static void BeendeAnwendung (string fps_Applikationsname)
static void BeendeTest ()
 Terminates the test respectively the testcase. More...
static void BeginneTest (string Testname)
static void GibEin (string FachlicherObjektname, string Wert)
static void GibEinFenster (string FachlicherObjektname, string Wert)
static void GibEinTabellenzelle (string FachlicherObjektname, string Spalte, string Zeile, string Wert)
static void KlickeAuf (string FachlicherObjektname)
static void KlickeAuf (string fpsFunctionalname, string KlickTyp)
static void LoggeHatFokus (string fpsFunctionalname)
static void LoggeIstAktiv (string fpsFunctionalname)
static void LoggeMarkiert (string fpsFunctionalname)
static void LoggeTabellenZellenWert (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsCol, string fpsRow)
static void LoggeTooltip (string fpsFunctionalname)
static void LoggeVorhanden (string fpsFunctionalname)
static void LoggeWert (string fpsFunctionalname)
static void MerkeHatFokus (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsKey)
static void MerkeIstAktiv (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsKey)
static void MerkeMarkiert (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsKey)
static void MerkeTabellenZellenWert (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsCol, string fpsRow, string fpsKey)
static void MerkeTooltip (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsKey)
static void MerkeVorhanden (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsKey)
static void MerkeWert (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsKey)
static void PrüfeHatFokus (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsExpectedValue)
static void PrüfeIstAktiv (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsExpectedValue)
static void PrüfeMarkiert (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsExpectedValue)
static void PrüfeTabellenZellenWert (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsCol, string fpsRow, string fpsExpectedValue)
static void PrüfeTooltip (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsExpectedValue)
static void PrüfeVorhanden (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsExpectedValue)
static void PrüfeWert (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsExpectedValue)
static void Sequenz (string fpsObjectName, string fpsSequenzName, string SEQID)
static void SetzeFokus (string fpsFunctionalname)
static void SetzeWert (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsValue)
static void StarteAnwendung (string fps_Applikationsname)
static void WähleAus (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsValue)
static void WähleAus (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsValue, string fpsClickType)
static void WähleAusFenster (string fpsFunctionalname)
static void WähleAusMenü (string fpsFunctionalname)
static void WähleAusMenü (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsValue)
static void WähleAusTabellenzelle (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsCol, string fpsRow)
static void WähleAusTabellenzelle (string fpsFunctionalname, string fpsCol, string fpsRow, string fpsClickType)

Static Private Attributes

static string Language = "DE"
static Core myKernel = new Core()

Detailed Description

Zoltán Hrabovszki

Member Function Documentation

static void OKW.DE.BeendeTest ( )

Terminates the test respectively the testcase.

Description of the mode of operation.

Additional remark to the keyword
Zoltan Hrabovszki
105  {
106  Logger.Instance.LogKeyWordStart("Beende Test");
108  myKernel.SetLanguage(Language);
109  myKernel.EndTest();
111  Logger.Instance.LogKeyWordEnd();
112  }

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