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OKW.ANTLR4.OKW_Parser.RootContext Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

IReadOnlyList< TextContexttext ()
< Okw_internal_varContext
okw_internal_var ()
Okw_typekeyContext okw_typekey (int i)
TextContext text (int i)
IReadOnlyList< Okw_env_varContextokw_env_var ()
Okw_internal_varContext okw_internal_var (int i)
Okw_env_varContext okw_env_var (int i)
IReadOnlyList< Okw_typekeyContextokw_typekey ()
 RootContext (ParserRuleContext parent, int invokingState)
override void EnterRule (IParseTreeListener listener)
override void ExitRule (IParseTreeListener listener)
override TResult Accept< TResult > (IParseTreeVisitor< TResult > visitor)


override int RuleIndex [get]

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